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ZADIG is a scientific communication agency focused on the biomedical and health sectors. With more than 30 years of experience also gained through participation in European projects (FP7, H2020, Erasmus+), ZADIG acknowledges the complexity of the scientific research ecosystem and develops communication solutions for health professionals and citizens, both evidence-based and innovative. Recently, ZADIG has specialised in digital health projects that use interactive design with the active involvement of stakeholders to offer solutions that meet real needs and patient-centred medicine.

Role within IMMEDIATE

In IMMEDIATE, ZADIG leads the Work Package “Apps development, implementation and deployment”. Thus, ZADIG will develop digital tools useful to gather information and to disseminate IMMEDIATE results in order to support two-way communication between IMMEDIATE researchers and citizens, including clinical study participants.

Main contacts

Photo of Giulia Candiani
Giulia Candiani

Project Manager